Professor,Nihon University

     Department of Transportiton Systems Engineering,
     College of Science & Technology, 
     Nihon University
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    Phone : +81-47-469-5217
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             Bachelor of Engineering, Nihon University, 1987 
            Master of Engineering, Nihon University, 1989
Dr. Eng.
Work Experience: Research Associate, Nihon University, 1992 - 2007 Assistant Professor, Nihon University, 2008- 2010 E Associate professor, Nihon University, 2011-2013
professor, Nihon University, 2014-
Research Field: Strength-Deformation Properties of Lightweight Geomaterial Affiliations : Japanese Geotechnical Society Japan Society of Civil Engineers International Geosynthetics Sosiety International Society for Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering
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